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1. Do all the silver Eske Storm jewellery fit on Trollbeads bracelet and/or necklace?

No, not all the designs from Eske Storm fit on the Trollbeads bracelet and/or necklaces. In the product description we have mentioned if the silver beads/silver pendants fit on Trollbeads or not.

2. What is the difference between a pendant and a bead?

The pendants have a special clasp that make them suitable for hanging on a necklace. In general, pendants are more suitable for use on a chain or a leather cord. Some of the Eske Storm pendants can be worn on a Trollbeads bracelet. This is mentioned in the product description.

A silver bead has the hole in the design itself, and is suitable for use either on a bracelet and/or necklace.

3. Can I swim or shower with my silver Eske Storm Jewellery?

We always advise to take off your jewellery befor you go swimming or take a shower. Be very careful not to get your silver jewellery in contact with chlorin, bleaches or salt(water).

4. What does the symbol/mark , ESKE and the number 925 in the silver jewellery from Eske Storm mean?

This is the personal mark (logo) that Eske Storm uses on a part of his designs. You can find this mark mostly on the bigger designs from Eske.

Silver is usually merged with another material type, usually copper. This generates a special alloy, where the quantity pure silver in this alloy determines the silver content. This Silver content is being indicated in thousandths. (925/1000 sterling).

ESKE is the registered brand name from the designer Eske Storm. All silver jewellery from Eske Storm have this stamp in the designs.

Golden jewellery designed by Eske Storm have marks 585 and 750.

It is possible that very small designs from Eske Storm don't carry any marks.

5. Is an official and authorized dealer of Eske Storm designs?

Yes, is an official and authorized dealer of all the Eske Storm designs.

6. Caring for your silver Eske Storm jewellery/How do I clean my jewellery?

If you want to clean or polish your silver beads, we advise you to use a silver polish cloth. Never use detergents, or liquid cleaning products. These can remove the oxidation on your silver beads. Also there is a chance to get little scratches on your silver beads.

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